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this is a type i have been working for a while
comment please

see ya

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The "g" might be mistaken for a "q" at first glance, the "f" without a crossbar is interesting but may prove too distracting (notice the big gap that's apparent). The general feel is good although it seems like too many of the letters "rest" on a flat "bottom" which adds a noticeable mechanical/rule-bound force that detracts from the general dynamics of the whole. Or basically work a bit more on the bottoms of your letter-shapes in keeping with the general feeling of the design - right now a few of the shapes are too "flat" down there.

Hope this helps.

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the "f" without crossbar is because i dont know how to do it and the flat shapes is because with a rounded shape makes it seem like too tiptoe in the base.

also is very similar with this another font

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I love the general feel of your letters; I think perhaps the bottom line of letters such as m, r, h, i, l, k, which are at the moment quite sharp and square, could do with a little more bounce (so to speak).

I'm unsure about the upper case 'U', it seems a little lifeless and square, compared to your beautiful upper case 'C' and 'K'.

personally, I think the lower k is also beautiful. :)

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