Something Old (Tuscarora) and Something New (Foundry Ornament)

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We've just released a new font based on old metal type called Foundry Ornament, which features heraldic creatures and floral designs from old metal type. The first font of this sort we've done in more than a year, and the result is very appealing.

We also just made available a major revision of our classic Tuscarora font, which has been quite popular but is now upgraded with additional alternate characters and an expanded character set.

Samples of both are attached and you can check them out along with new articles and features at


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Very nice. I love your fonts, they all have unique feeling.

A have a comment about your site.
It's pretty hard to navigate through site, maybe that's only my oppinion, but you should develop more user-friendly site.

Hope you won't have anything against my comments, I wrote honestly what I think.

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Thanks, Nettoo. We're working on trimming the site down and making it more navigable. Almost all of the pages have now been fully transitioned to the new platform, so you won't find many which still link back to the older version of the site, so that should make it easier to navigate.


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