What is this fold called?

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I know this is a bit cheeky to ask about because its not about type but does any one know what this fold is called? I have attached an image. I know the 4 panels across fold into a parallel fold but what is it called with the other 3 rows added? Does that question make any sense? There are 24 pages all together.

Thank you for help in advance.

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Hmmm. I'm not sure if there's an official name for it...or at the very least I don't know it! Maybe "4x3" fold?

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It looks to me like the first fold (in thirds) was an accordion fold, like this:

That was followed by 2 parallel folds, like this:

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I think some outfits might refer to it generally as a "map-fold" -- i.e. anything with multiple folds in both directions.

But you'll still want to communicate very clearly with mock-ups or diagrams which folds you want where and consult with a production manager to make sure it's possible. Do you want a Z-fold vertically followed by a parallel 4-panel fold? Or do you want a tri-fold followed by a parallel fold? Edge to the top or edge to the bottom? etc.

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Do as Kent says: work closely with the printer. Make a dummy. & make sure you and the printer consider how much any type block or image area may "move" as the thing is folded and paper is used up to accommodate the folds and the increasing thickness of the thing. You may have to manually move some items to or away from the folds.

Check out


I did not look to see if they deal with a question such as yours; they might.


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