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this is a header i'm working on for a special section for our newspaper to commemorate the Little League season. Bascially this section will be a big scrapbook of team pictures with a little bit of editorial content. i've been working on this this morning and i'm having a bit of trouble getting it just right. there's not much to it, but any help would be appreciated. Thnx

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thanks tiff, i made some changes.
how's this?

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I agree with Tiffany, on all accounts, but isn't this an existing logo already?

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i'm sure that the Little League organization already has a logo, but that's not what this is for. i'm trying to put together something snappy for our local clubs. I guess i forgot part of it. let's try this again...

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I think what I was referring to as an existing Little League logo (which reminded me of what you are doing here) can be illustrated with these images:

Little League Logo

The following images represent some type treatments I think work well in this arena:

Little League Type

Good luck!

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Dude Paul Don't use the smalls version of the sanserif typeface you have selected. That typeface doesn't have a small caps version.

I think that is the exact "little league" logo just strangly modified.

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thanks for the tips, suggestions.
i'll post what i've got so far for some last minute comments.
i was going for the baseball jersey look, that's why i did what i did. I was gonna use Nick's Team Spirit font, but I used that last year and it's a bit too cute for what i was going for this time around. Anyhow, I've tried to incorporate your suggestions. If you could take a look again and lemme know whatcha think, I'd appreciate it. thnx again!

Oh and BTW, the official Little League logo (as far as I know) is the logo on the banner that the girls are holding.

application/pdfTab Cover
LLtab.pdf (1572.8 k)

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Paul could you try using a serif face for Season 2004 the san serif seems a harsh contrast to Little League.

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Paul it would be nice if you could add some of the same fluidity/flow that is in the swash to the type. As it is the type feels very stiff. I'm not sure I would space the letters in "Season 2004" and I would remove the bullet.

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I agree with David, just stick with all caps.

The word spacing of "Little League" is too wide.

I might also consider tightening the letter spacing in between L and e in League.

I wouldn't stack Winslow looks more like an after thought and it will be difficult enough to make Little League feel more handlettered without adding a word over it. What if you put Winslow in the banner? Or maybe take a cue from the middle/bottom row image that Scott posted.

The way the banner is attached to the e in League doesn't feel organic, it feels snapped on. The curve from the e to the banner is too stiff. Think in the third dimension. and again take cue from that middle image. The e should thin out and then go into the banner, as if it is waving.

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Sorry. One more thought. I'm not so sure it should be on an angle.

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