Website logo, script style. What do you think?

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hello, here is a logo for an upcoming website called Design Cheek. I might add a symbol above the wordmark later on. What do you think? Thanks guys.

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Scripts with such character don't really need a mark, IMO.

I'm not really the one to give advice (I'm usually the amateur in need of it), but I'd still like to mention a few things here:
First and foremost it doesn't strike me as consistent. Maybe figuring out the skeleton and using a single tool to draw it out before you start finetuning the outlines will be helpful.
Second, I'm having problems recognizing some characters, most notably 'g' and 'k'.

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Hi frode frank, thanks for the feedback.

The script is based from my handwriting that I scanned in. Would you be able to point out an example of the inconsistency? I have tried really hard to align everything.
I'm not sure on this point but I am thinking that the illegibility on some letters could also make it unique and more memorable. What do you think? :)

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Interesting. I like it.

The "g" looks like "z with an ascender" to me. I think you need to separate "i" and "g". Letter "c" also need some refinement.

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Compare the 'd' stem to 'h' and 'k'. Also the bowl on 'd', 'e' and 'c'. The endings on 's' vs 'c'. That said, I like the general feel, and I think you are moving in the right direction.

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Much improved as a total script. Definitely heading in a nice direction.

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thanks for the feedback guys, it is interesting to read that you guys like this approach, I liked it too... Although responses on a couple of other forums have been negative.
I think I need to experiment with other ideas. I'll post up any updates on the logo. :)'s picture

I don't know why, but I'm reading the `ee' as `ec', perhaps because they are too different. Also, the `c' at the start of the word `check' is quite large, and looks a little of place (it reads somehow like `designCheek'). The `d' also connects with the following `e' at a strange angle. Other than that, I like it!

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