Client/Consumer Perception of Typeface Choice/Typography

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I've rewritten the title for this thread countless times now and can't sum it up accurately. So I gave up…

I'm looking for links to research, articles or forum discussions on the importance of typeface choice and typography in corporate identity design and branding, in particular focusing on the client or end consumer's perception of it.

e.g. How a client or end consumer perceives a logotype set in Arial Bold at 75% width, paired with a tagline set in very loosely-tracked Mistral, as opposed to how a (talented or successful) designer who would be able to tell you without hesitation that it's a Quasimodo-esque monstrosity. I'm also hoping to find out how the client/consumer tells the difference (if at all) between a block of text set poorly in Arial from, say, one expertly crafted using Whitney. I hope that makes sense, I'm not so sure now as it's late and I'm tired.

Any help/links/info appreciated. Thanks!

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Actually, I've found a couple of good links already, after scouring through two dozen pages of search results on Typophile:

Fonts and Authority Perception (Psychology)

Convincing the non designer Peons of Corporate America

Still, any more would be appreciated :)

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