ID: Author Susan Mallery's name on book covers

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Hi! I'm a virtual assistant, and one of my clients is author Susan Mallery. (Who's fabulous, by the way... her latest release has been on the NY Times paperback list for three weeks now. Woo hoo!) In order to design some ancillary materials for her such as bookmarks and eflyers, I'd love to purchase the font that's on her book covers. As a jury-rigged solution, I've been stretching Myriad Pro to 180%, but it's not exactly right. The lines of the M are angled a little too much. Only the anal would notice, but since that describes me, I need help. :)

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It's Gotham, Condensed Light or Extra Light ( probably both ).

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What’s a virtual assistant? Almost or not really but possibly an assistant?

And yer, the quote below is Gotham as well.

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Thanks for the quick ID! I'm going to purchase Gotham. Turns out, I have another font to post, but I'll do that in a separate conversation.

You know, the hardest part of my job is defining "virtual assistant." Basically, I do at-home secretarial work. A lot of VAs do bookkeeping, but I'm not a QuickBooks expert. I got started late last year, so I'm sort of finding my niche as I go. I consider myself to be more sort of my clients' dream secretary. I do a little bit of a lot of different things. I'm great with Word and PowerPoint. I'm by no means a professional graphic designer, but I can create decent flyers and other ancillary materials, including the copy since I'm a writer. Have Photoshop, will travel. It's been an adventure!

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