How to find the desired script font?

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There are currently 2613 hits at Myfonts when you pick the ”script“ tag listing. Seems to be a strikingly popular category ;-)
Given you’re searching for a specific kind of typeface, will you scroll through the entire list …?
I think a more descriptive mode of tagging fonts would be helpful.
Let’s suppose a catalogue like:
· Calligraphic
· Cancellaresca
· Decorated
· Floral
· Fashion
· Commercial
· Upright
· Connected
· Brush
· …
may do a better job.

Are there any attempts in that direction going on? Would it be a sensible thing to do?

(Of course, this is an issue not with script fonts alone.)

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Well, that’s what all the beta-version of Myfonts is all about. You can combine your search criteria. And even in the old version the fonts were tagged so you could search for »floral«, »fashion« and so on. Or am I misuderstanding something?

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Well, it depends on how the tagging is done. Do the designers add tags themselves or does MyFonts do that? If the designers do it themselves, there is no way you can direct the usage of tags. They'll do whatever they want. ;)

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Combining tags for searching is one option, surely. I just made a few tests:

·script–upright – 10 hits
·script–upright–decorated – 0 hits
·script–handwriting – 981 hits, a lot of them being questionable for the latter tag.

So I’m not sure how relevant these results actually are.
Thats the problem. The tagging is done individually and fairly arbitrarily, by the vendor himself. Perhaps, what I was thinking about is rather a kind of *classification* which puts a font clearly into one category. The few categories established at Myfonts so far is a rather humble approach …

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