Linea by Umberto Fenocchio (1966-1969)

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I’m looking for information about Linea, a sanserif typeface by Aldo Umberto Fenocchio designed in 1966-69 while Fenocchio serving as the art director at the Fonderia Tipografica Cooperativa.Its considered similar Univers in Italy. Does anyone have information about this typeface? images? typespecimen?

thanks ¡¡

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Umberto Fenocchio, not Aldo :)

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You might get responses posting this in the general category, rather than here in critiques, since you don't want a critique of something you've designed.

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Marcos: sadly the only reference of Linea I've stumbled upon is here: There is a small image there, but nothing else. I suppose you've already found it, but anyway...

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