Text embelishments for para separation, column ends and such

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I don't know the right terminology for these things but in older books and texts, ornamental swashes and whatnot were sometimes used to separate blocks of paragraphs (where modern books typically use extra space) and also at the end of a column of text, e.g. at a chapter end. I attached an example of a separator and three chapter ends.

My first question is: what's the right terminology for these things?

Also, what resources could you suggest for investigating and looking at examples of them?

And any font suggestions that include them? So far I identified ITC Type Embellishments, Adobe Woodtype Ornaments and Linotype Decoration Pi.


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“Fleuron” is also used. I would say it is the term of art.

Joe Clark

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Thanks for the memory jogger, Joe. Fleurons One to Five, LTC Fleurons.

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Take a look at Caravan Borders & Ornaments and at Auriol Flowers. Some nice ornaments were issued with Monotype Columbus, Adobe Caslon, Minion. There are many nice collections of fleurons out there.

Also: standard sorts from many ornamented faces van also work nicely when a subtle fleuron is needed. Take a look at the period in Castellar, for instance.


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If you have a Mac Hoefler text includes a sweet ornament font. Matrix II from Emigre comes with some fabulous ornaments that don’t feel at all anachronistic.

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