Next time you decide to counterfeit $134 billion, try a little harder than these guys.

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I'm sure at least some of you have heard the story about the two Japanese guys being stopped at the Italian border on their way into Switzerland carrying $134 billion in supposed US bearer bonds in their suitcases.

Wingnut radio host Hal Turner (of the Art Bell persuasion) has some of the close-up images on his site:

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It looks like they took the 1934 series Grover Cleveland thousand dollar Federal Reserve notes and changed them to billion dollar notes. Dig the vertical scaling in the lower corners--priceless. And Latin Wide for the denomination at the bottom. Finally, dig the coupons, which look straight out of CorelDRAW.

There's a YouTube video as well showing some uniformed guy pulling the rather strangely A4-sized "bearer bonds" out of a tattered brown man-purse.

This story actually made it onto Bloomberg.

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Is that "Washington, D.C." in Arial!?

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My thoughts exactly, Craig

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Looks like they forgot a zero on each of the top corners and added it afterward.

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