Sfil files?

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How do you generate 'sfil' files in fontographer?



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I am told this is the file format needed for suitcase 10?

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That's an old audio file format, dude.
You wanna make revival fonts that you can hear? ;-)


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ok, i have a customer who wants files he can use with suitcase 10. Our fonts come in truetype and postscript, but he says he needs some special suitcase 10 font format which is really standard, and that we relly should include with our fonts????

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Maybe SFIL has something to do with Type/Creator on a Mac...

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'sfil' is a Mac sound file
'ffil' is a Mac font file
'SFIL' is a Mac sound suitcase (storing multiple sfils)
'FFIL' is a Mac font suitcase (storing multiple ffils)


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I don't know where the customer got the sfil file extension from, but it was bogus... there is no special font format needed for Suitcase 10.

I downloaded a trial copy of Suitcase 10 and it all worked fine...


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Jim I'm going to move this thread to the BUILD forum.

I'd have to agree with Hrant though, this sounds bogus to me. Which platform?

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SFIL file type for Suitcase. Can't be right.

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