Precision Stone

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The customer wants the target image on there with it breaking through text. I'm not thrilled about this one, so any pointers, go for it. I did a second version. Just give me your feedback on anything.

image/tiffPrecision Stone
Precision Stone1.tif (6.6 k)

image/tiffPrecision Stone 2
Precision Stone2.tif (9.8 k)

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Elaine, I'm using a G4 Mac with OS 10.3.4 and the tifs you posted only show up as code. Could you post your images as a jpg, please.

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Sorry, I didn't save this correctly the first time. This is Precision Stone. They install stone tiles in homes. They wanted the target line to go through the words as if the stone was being cut. I did a second version with an abstract image to display precision and technology. Any advice taken - they are in a hurry and not paying a great deal for this.
Version 1Version 2

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The second logo makes me think more of a diamond setter rather than a company that installs stone tile. Could you please tell us a little more about the company? What kind of stone do they work in? Is it rough textured stone-implyed by the rough edges of the word "stone" Is it smooth marble tiles? Both? Stones for floors? walls? both? rock shaped stones or cut tiles?

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Too many things going on in the logo. Targets are not a good idea. Looks like a GUN company. It would be cooler if there was something a little off with the word PRECISION. Laying tile is not a mechanical excersise, it's done by hand. There are bound to be some alignment errors that happen when laying tile. You might try something more SHABBY SHEAK/ Earthy. Right know the logo feels too Concrete, not enough class and sophistication in the typography. You might also try a Typeface that is based on PRECISION ie Bodoni or Didot.

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IMO, the word precision does not call for a bold face. The root word precise indicates sophisticated technology, refinement or perfection. The typeface should reflect that. Words that come to mind with the current selection is bold, stable, and obnoxious (lose the scope

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I'd emphasize STONE over precision. Definitely loose the sniper scope. ;o)

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The rough "Stone" type may appeal to lowest common demographic (AKA American Public), But it is not attractive.
I agree, the concept of the "target" and the line reaching out at 90 degrees has been done a lot. I think of this as something to do with lasers or light, besides this look is a bit dated.
I would suggest re-thinking concept. I agree with Scottt that "Precision" can/should imply quality and finess in craftmanship as well as mechanical/technical precision. Bold type looks bad.
Consider which suits this client and demographic best.
Consider this as well, sometimes it is possible to sell clients on something they do not personally like if you can explain to them it will benefit them financially by reachinbg their target audience. This is after all business and not art.
If your clirent won't listen to you shoot him. You can always claim him pushing the target concept had something to do with it.

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