Whither Trajan?!

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Today I was reading the entertainment section of my daily newspaper, and noticed that not a single movie title was set in Trajan.
IMO this is part of a general trend to more and better typography. I have my theories on that, but right now I'm wondering, are there any particular reasons, structural or cultural, for Hollywood's sudden typographic sophistication?

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For a while, it seemed like all the comedies had poster titles done in Futura Black caps, in red, sometimes with a yellow outline. They seem to have moved away from that too in recent months.

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Maybe because it's the summer and Trajan isn't as appropriate for summer flicks?

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Aren't box office receipts down big-time vs last year. Someone should map box-office take against trends around Trajan poster use.

Also perhaps Trajan's Wall Street associations are hurting it.

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Just maybe all the studio designers had been using pirated copies, Adobe found out and so all the designers dumped them before they got caught. And since there is a recession, spending has been cut off and they cannot afford to buy legal copies : )


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Maybe they also noticed all the jokes that were made about it on the internets?

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Everybody's strapped. This sounds like liquidation. They're taking all their old typefaces and trajan 'em in.

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I can still see some titles in Trajan, but true, much less than used to be.


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The prize of the day goes to you... I would have expected Dezcom to have come up with that one.


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ChrisL is good, I grant you. I'm the new kid.

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