Happy Birthday... HHP!

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(Like we'd forget you if you're not here for a bit!)

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all the best!

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Happy Birthday, Hrant! We kind of miss you around here.

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"kind of" as in "the reduced load on the servers has resulted in much higher typophile up-time since you left?" ;-)

Have a good one Hrant! Happy Birthday.

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Happy Birthday, Hrant! Come back soon!

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Happy birthday, Hrant!

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Happy birthday!

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Where did you go?

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Happy Birthday Hrant!

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happy birthday hrant

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Happy Birthday, Hrant!

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Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

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Happy birthday (with a minute or two to go before it's not your birthday any more)!

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Happy Birthday!

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Oh, late as usual.

Hyvää syntymäpäivää!

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Happy happy birthday month, Hrant :)

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Congratulations, Hrant!

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Congrats, hrant.

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Thank you guys! (And double thanks to Nina.)

I manage to sneak a peak now and again, but I can't
follow everything because... you guys talk too much. ;-)


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Nina, the A in your image is not the Ernestine Regular A?

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Hrant said: "you guys talk too much. ;-)"
Must be some sort of parallel universe going on here… <:-)

Ben, the crowned-for-a-day "A"? Definitely not – that's Hrant's Patria.

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