Typophiles with blogs/websites

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Compiling a list. Please add if you would like to share.

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I think Christopher wants to map that list to typophile membership, or maybe include typophile members non-typographic blogs and sites - so my blog www.obscureghostbustersrealtedjokesandlimericks.com would count too?

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To clarify, I would like member of typophile.com to post their blogs about typography and type related content.

Thanks in advance.

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My blog: http://opentype.info
Type-related site: http://webfonts.info

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@ Herrmann: So you know Rutherford?

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Of course, we even live in the same street in Weimar.

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Here is the group blog of the MATD ’09 students, in Reading, and here is Dispatches from Reading, my own blog on the whole Reading year (until two weeks ago).

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By The Font --- it's nothing important, impressive, or worthwhile, but it's mine.

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Readable Web
New. Covers the upheavals - large and small - of society's move from words in print to words on screen.
With some jokes mixed in.

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@metalfoot: I always thought your avatar is actually a glyph, not an image! It looks so beautifully colorful when enlarged.

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Yeah, it's a glyph alright.

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My erstwhile blog: Current Config

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Letterpress blog in german, including e.g. some Ludlow entries with pics and others:

On the whole website, you'll find more than 500 pictures of german lead letter character sets:


pics of items out of letterpress:

Oh yes... and a guestbook if you like the site... :)

„Ich bin ein Preuße, kennt Ihr meine Farben...“

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LetterCult is a blog/site about Custom Letters

with Ray Frenden
typophiles J.Selig and dav (formlos) are contributors

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Si, there's a typo in your URL: "related", not "realted". ;^)

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My Notebook. A bit less active lately than I'd like. Too busy working on fonts, which is probably how it should be.

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Sign Observer

They say that the keys to success in blogging are being interesting and posting on a regular basis. I fail at both, but... Hey. I'm OK with that. :o)


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Not a blog, but some typographica - Designalized.com. And I've got a norwegian blog - M70.no

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my website (mainly about photo but there is a part about my typo book, in french alas): www.davidrault.com

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My web site is Bowfin Printworks, and the majority of its content is about Font Identification. Since 2000 I have developed, with a lot of help from many typophiles (with and without capital T), five Font Identification Guides:

the Script Font ID Guide, which is probably used the most on my site, with its Script Font Reference List;

the Bauhaus-style Font ID Guide, my first ID Guide;

the Sans Serif Font ID Guide, which was the first Guide to use my Key letter identification method, and which is in the process of being replaced by the new interactive version;

the Lined Fonts ID Guide, for multiline and inline styles;

and my personal favorite, and most complete Guide, the Serif Font ID Guide, which allows the use of the attributes of just 12 letters (a, b, e, g, y, E, J, K, M, R, U and W) to identify over 1,800 serif type families, including many pre-digital typefaces.

The Bowfin Printworks home page talks about custom spice labels and other graphic services, but these are how I pay for the web site, along with some donations from people who get personal font ID help from me via e-mail.

The site also includes the Bowfin Pond, where I have collected most of my poetry and other writing.

- Mike Yanega

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