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Hi Guys.

Im first trip type designer, and i'm editing my first type.
I'd like to put ALTERNATE characters. The ALTERNATE's objective is that the user change the caracter when you want.

I'm working with this feature:

feature aalt {
sub h by _h ;

} aalt;

How can I run this feature!?

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OOT. Why do you name it '_h' and not 'h.alt' or something?

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The aalt feature is a special feature primarily for use by applications in displaying variant forms in pallettes. In order to provide access to your alternate forms, I suggest using the Stylistic Set features (ss01, ss02, etc.)

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Thanks! I will try.
Can you give me any tips on how to use Stylistic Set features?

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Rename your alternate glyphs to have an .alt suffix and change aalt to sso1

feature ss01 {
sub h by h.alt;
} ss01;

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thanks thanks thanks!

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