real trouble meshing with existing logo

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Hey all, I'm working on a website layout for a client and have to use the existing logo. I can't seem to find anything that remotely looks decent with it and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Any help or criticism on any part of it would be great. Thanks, and remember, the logo/tag-line must stay untouched.

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If they're set on it, don't pull your hair out over it. That's my best advice.
If you can convince them to let you simplify it, a one color version (ex: white on red), perhaps without the tagline might work.


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Hey Jeremiah,

If you could loose the white border which contains the logo, that would help or extend the white as a header, like the red gradient which it is in now. Maybe extend the red (ribbon) which holds human international over the width of your page together with the white container. I like your lay-out, but classical feel of the logo does conflicts with sans serif from your design I think, post your result when your finished.

good luck.

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