What would you like to read in a blog?

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Hi everyone my name is Neil, Graphic designer in Australia. I have been reading the forum for a while and it is nice to meet you all

I am doing some research for a design blog. "Oh not another one!" you say. Well it won't be, it will not be covering the same rehashed crap that is on a lot of design blogs at the moment. I can't stress this enough.

I would like to find out what YOU would like to read on a design blog. What would benefit you?

Here are some of my ideas so far . . .

* Interviews with real world designers
* Reviews on hardware from a designer's perspective
* Reviews on games/software from a designer's perspective
* Design Process of my work and others
* In-depth articles with good examples
* A source for upcoming design events/conferences around the world
* Humour added into articles, e.g. funny captions, comics
* Design related tutorials e.g. getting a design job to software (video, audio, article)
* Writing about a topic from a different angle (if beneficial)

I want quality over quantity, articles that will truly benefit the design community.
Let me know what you like, what you don't like and any other ideas you were hoping to read.

Thank you.

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I don't read blogs.
Is that unusual?

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not at all, try it out. Blogs are a great source for inspiration and education. What design material do you like to read?

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> I don’t read blogs

I was going to say 'me too", until I realized that I do. But only blogs from people I really respect. I read T. Phinney's, for example. I would read a Nick Shinn blog, if there was one.

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Unless you have a specific focus, or an authoritative voice, your blog is going to suck. There are more than enough boring new design blogs, I assume most of the started with a very similar list. You should target one of the empty design corners of the internet echo chamber and focus on that.

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...try it out.

I did, and found it wanting.

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thanks Jackson, very true. This post is to find out what is lacking so it can help uncover a niche.

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Rad, well personally I'd like to see a design-oriented blog about ice hockey aesthetics and marketing.

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wow ok. I'm looking for a niche but I don't want to narrow my audience. You have opened my eyes to how specific you mean.
I was thinking of a blog that focuses on the design process of designers?

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>* Interviews with real world designers (not design bloggers)

Good call! No one wants to read the thoughts, questions or ideas posed by "design bloggers".

Cheers, Si

PS. I didn't read the rest of your post.

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Very funny Si

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"PS. I didn’t read the rest of your post."

How wonderfully receptive to a newbie!


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I think Neil got the joke.

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