Word 2007 and Ligatures Created in VOLT

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I recently finished a font I have been working on for some time as I had to find a way of combining characters as ligatures. When I found VOLT I was excited. I finished the process of making ligatures and shipped the font. I then Installed it and tried it on Word 2007.

The Ligatures don't work. None what so ever. Is there a reason for this? Does Word not support the ligatures made with VOLT?

The font was created using Font Creator 5.6 if that makes a difference.

Is there anything I can do, maybe a program or add-in I can download to resolve this issue?

Thank you.

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Word does not support Latin script ligatures because it does not call the function in the Uniscribe shaping engine that implements the OT ligature features.

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Is there a free word processor you recommend that allows for OT ligatures?

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Try OpenOffice (don't know if it already supports them, it has been the topic of a few discussions).

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The current version of OpenOffice does not support ligatures, or any other OpenType typographic goodies. It does at least have kerning on by default, though, unlike Word.



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Nice distinction Thomas!

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I should clarify that I was talking about what OpenOffice does for western languages. Like Word, it may very well enable all sorts of things where required for support of complex writing systems... I don't know.

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OpenOffice does provide pretty good complex script support, using either local system layout engines or ICU depending on platform. I've found a few editing hiccups, but the layout results are decent.

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