Personal Logo Concept 'ZEV'

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You guys feeling any of these?


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The ZE combo is giving me a distinct A

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yup, that could be a problem. maybe if you reverse the colors, if you're lucky, that might help. this is a completely subjective question, i got with E

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Thanks for the replies.

I'm actually fine with the ambiguity. I did try reversing the colors and it just looks weird.

What I really want to know if the overall design is appealing, and if so which version you guys like the best.

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I don't dislike them at all, and have no problems reading them either.
But I do see: public transport, or maybe construction equipment.
They have a strong heavy duty / industrial feel. Is that intended?
Then again, I'm pretty sure such perceptions are culture-specific,
so maybe this doesn't matter at all, dunno.

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Here are some higher quality variations on iteration e...


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altaira wrote:
But I do see: public transport, or maybe construction equipment.
They have a strong heavy duty / industrial feel. Is that intended?

Pretty much, that's just my aesthetic.

This logo isn't for anything specific right now. Certainly if I was trying to appeal to a certain demographic I might consider a different style.

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I quite like 'em & I think you chose the right one for your avatar.
Have you tried making the horizontal bars of the E equal in length or perhaps cutting them diagonally, parallel with the Y)? It kind of bothers me in the bigger versions although it works well in the smaller ones... So it probably depends on what you're planning to use this for.
Another problem with the bigger versions could be the selected use of rounded corners. I'm not sure they do it justice. They might help to take the edge off a bit, but if that's you're intention, I think it needs more. Right now, there's too much contrast with the diagonally cuts that way (very clearly visible in the Y). Maybe try intergrating Altaire's interpretation of a transport logo & make it more aerodynamic. It might even be nice to see a slanted version of this.
I wouldn't use it on a black background by the way, that really doesn't work for me.
Overall, nice work that just needs a little finetuning depending on your plans for it.

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Unrounded version...


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Parallel style E...


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might be worth actually presenting WHY you're making specific changes rather than posting each individual amendment.


Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer - Melbourne

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fig. f) and NOT round...

Z is in ONE (perspektivical) Flow
Z leads to E
E is in ONE (perspektivical) flow
E leads to V
V is in ONE (perspektivical) flow

NOT round - I think Z, E and V are sharp signs

anyway: NOT fig. c) d) g) h)
cause the lines won't LEAD the eye

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