"Dad" t-shirt

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Hey, I'm a new dad!

My wife was looking around for a t-shirt to give me on Father's Day. Something like "#1 Dad" or "World's Greatest Dad" or something. But she knows I won't wear it unless the type looks really good. Haha.

Have you seen any "Dad" t-shirts that look good? (Printed on American Apparel would be a major bonus.)


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Here's my favorite T-shirt:

(though I have a hunch it's not printed on American apparel).

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Congrats on becoming a new Dad.

BTW, why do we congratulate the father. Seems to me that Mom does most of the work


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Thanks Don! I have no idea. I'm with you. My wife is amazing.

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We congratulate the father because it is his child to have and to love, too:-)
Tim these will be the happiest years of your life! Enjoy!


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Congratulations, Tim. It's a great feeling to be a dad.

Etsy has some cool ones:

No type, but too good to pass up

Script "Dad Since 2009" tee

A little Sailor Jerry style for your shirt

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