Engraving Proofing Presses Go for a Beauty Makeover

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The two engraving proofing presses previously written about (here) are going up to Alexandria, LA for a beauty makeover.

While John (hubby) and Ken (friend) work on the presses tomorrow in Ken's shop, I will be going back over to James Gabour's printing facility in Pineville. Meeting us there will be the new archivist from the LSU AgCenter in Alexandria.

James senior may have to close the plant and— as much as possible—I (we) want to help preserve the contents and printing history in his shop.

The AgCenter can only take records (paper), no ephemera, no equipment and there is plenty of everything. Loyola University New Orleans graphic design department is interested in taking some, VERNA, a local letter press shop will probably take the letter press equipment and types, there loads of wood type as well. Jeff Pulaski, graphic design professor up in Witchita, may also help with the dispensation of the rest. Here are links to the good folk who are helping:


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