Wallpaper supplement – Ministry / Johnston / Traffic style

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Hello all

Anyone have any ideas on this one? Shares characteristics with the above faces but can't locate a match for this sample.

Any help greatly appreciated


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I realise this is a different sample but thought I could conflate both into one thread as they share certain characteristics.

Any ideas / alternatives appreciated


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At first I thought Gill Sans, but the s is different. I played around a little and it seems really close to Paddington - but the numbers don't match up to the second example. Sorry I couldn't help more...

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Most of it looks like Agenda, M's look like Schulbuch and numerals look like Gotham

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The font is an unreleased typeface by Aurele Sack from Switzerland sometimes credited as "AS Medium Black".

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Thanks guys, interesting stuff. Great spot Brown Fox, I hadn't come across his work before.


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I would love to own that font. I've been looking for a Gill alternative for a long time and that would be my first choice.

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@ Brown Fox – are you sure? Just that the lowercase 'a' looks different no?

I would alos very much like to own that font so if anyone does know where it can be got, or something ver similar then let it be known!

Minimalista, theres this on a gill-esque note, its very nice, but not entirely similar:


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Thanks Arran. I saw, and bookmarked, Device's English Grotesque last night
while searching for the font in the sample posted above. I still really like the
R's and P's in the sample. though.

Stephen had a good blog posting on his old site about Gill Sans alternatives:

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