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I'm working on Mac OS 10.3 using Fontlab 4.5.

When I generate fonts for Mac I don't get my Kerning included. Fontlab generates the afm file, which contane all the info needed. It just doesn't show in fx InDesign or Illustrator.

What's wrong???

I've attached the afm file if it could be of any use for anybody ...

Fetis.afm (18.9 k)

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When I export for truetype I get this message: " glyph class not defined (text was "@_kRundVentre") [Lettrlab:Applications:FontLab 4.5:fontlab.fea 120]"

The kerning data does work on Windows InDesign but not Word ... It seems to me as I'm loosing technical control ... :-)


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AAARRRHHH! Why won't my mac eat the kerning data ....??? Nothing works. Mac Suitcase, opentype!

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