Needed, similar typeface to Melior/Renault

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A while after working on Verona
I came across another typeface with similar features. Only now I can't remember what it was.
It was in the vein of Melior, Renault, Century, and was suitable for text setting.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated

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It has a width axis, and maybe you saw a narrow instance?

Dunno, could be anything, almost. What else do you remember?
What was the "a" like? Maybe hypnosis would trigger some recollection. ;-)


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Searching a bit, I found Zapf himself did Edison and also Marconi. Both show the influence of his earlier Melior. Could you have seen one of these?

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I remember the curved characters (top of the a, the c, s, etc) had squared terminals, much like Verona. Thanks William for Edison, I was not aware of it, though it's not the face that I had in mind, but a valuable resource for this style.

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Maybe 'RePublic', by Tom

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