How to format text on typophile

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A work in progress. I think something's a little buggy…

< a > = Hamburgerfonts

< em > = Hamburgerfonts

< strong > = Hamburgerfonts

< cite > = Hamburgerfonts

< code > = Hamburgerfonts

< ul > =


< ol > =


< li > =

  • Hamburgerfonts
  • < dl > =


    < dt > =


    < dd > =


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    Thanks for this. I tried to use < i > yesterday, and discovered it got swallowed up. Only after posting did I realize that I should have tried < em >.

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    ul and dl are "container" HTML elements. That means they're designed to describe syntactically and encase other elements.
    UL means unordered list and holds LI - list items. It doesn't hold text on it's own.
    DL - same thing. Means definition list and holds dt and dd elements.
    The comments parser that Typophile uses is just guessing at what to with the text within a UL or DL tag but yet outside of a LI or DT or DD tag.


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    So we have:

    Definition List
    Term being defined
    Definition of the term

    The usage is something like:

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