Problem with points in FontLab

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When I paste letter from Illustrator to FontLab (before that, I unite all objects into one) it goes everything well. When I generate font file and try it in Illustrator, on smaller size (8,10,12...till 20pt) some characters seem like they have too much points.

This is what do I get:

In every other program, when I type something with this fonts - same problem. When I convert to outline text in this font, those lines disappear.

Than I go in FontLab and open some character with problem and it seems to be OK, I can't figure out what are problematic points that make those lines. I tried with:
Correct Connections, Join Broken Contous, Close Open Contours, Nodes at extreme and Optimize, but without any result. Also, I tried to copy back from FontLab to Illustrator and do again "unite" option, but still nothing happens.

Can someone tell me what should I do?
Do I need to clear every character step by step, or there is some less complicated solution?


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Watch for yellow points in FL, they make problems.

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