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I've Cut out this sample from travel and leasure from 1993. Dse any one know this?

Who designed it?

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I wouldn’t wanna know.

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"I wouldn’t wanna know."


I can see why. Some of these letters, like the 't' look like Goudy, but others could be from anywhere. This looks like a composite font, perhaps. The 'e' and 'w' are very bizarre for a lower case Roman.

- Mike Yanega

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Often good advice for something that looks so odd, but not this time. I couldn't find a serif there that matched.

- Mike Yanega

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Danny, is this a headline or a text paragraph? If it's a headline, it's possible the designer just styled it character-by-character, using 4 (or more) different fonts.

Goudy . . . wasn't he the guy who said "Anyone who would letterspace lowercase would steal sheep," or words to that effect?

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It's a text paragraph for shure.

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