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The attached draft is based on a 1957 poster for "Invasion of the Saucer Men." Please check it out and give me your feedback! This is the first vintage remake (and full typeface for that matter) that I've undertaken and I know it could use some tweeking, but would love feedback at this early stage, both overall and also any specifics.

Here's a link to the original poster:

Thanks for your comments!

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Start by making similar characters consistent (not identical, just consistent). Look at the counters (negative spaces): G has a much wider counter than C, and B has much wider counters than D. The counters in Y, A, U, and V are all different widths. The bottom counters on K, R, and X all have rounded tops, but the bottom counter on A is flat on top. H looks like it's from a different alphabet because the vertical strokes are so thin and the counters are so wide.
Lowercase m and n are rounded, but lowercase h isn't. The descender on g is completely different from that on y.
Assemble these characters into some words and phrases. If you make the word CHOOSE, you'll see the problem with H right away, and when you compare C and O, you'll get a start on making your stroke weights consistent.

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Thanks so much, publishing mojo! I can clearly see what you're talking about and I know what direction to move on this.

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Hey type geeks,

Could you please provide me with some feedback to my latest iteration of Invasion Sans?



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Though still unpolished, this is a significant improvement over your first version. The spine of your cap "S" needs to be smoothed out and made parallel. That's the most obvious tweak I can see need for. I'll let the more articulate folks help with the rest.

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