Calibrating my school!

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I need a bit of direction re colour matching and was wondering if anyone here could help me out.

I work in the printshop at my architecture school. I get a lot of complaints from students that the colours didn

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You can get general color knowledge by going to the
They have lots of free tutorials if you poke around their site. Also, check out the Epson site, you may need the correct PPD files por whatever is used in the PC world. Most high-end color calibration and workflow for graphics and publishing is done on a Mac so their is a lot more Mac info about. It CAN be done on a PC (so they tell me) but I have no direct successful experience. I worked on a PC for nine monthes developing graphics for web sites. I personally found the PC to be a big pain in the tuchas for graphics but maybe someone here has had a more fortunate experience and can enlighten you.


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