Serious ISSUE with AsiaFont Studio 4!

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Hi, All

I was recently working on a nastaleeq ligature font that has 25000+ ligatures. Asiafont Studio opened the font all fine. But after generating font and opening back again showed a strange behaviour:

Original, when first opened in AFS4:

Generated output from AFS4:

U can clearly see that at a certain point, the glyphs looses their postscript names and start showing as ".notdefine". I also tried generating as .otf. But this format is useless in MSvolt, regaring post script names isuue.

Strange thing is that AsiaFont Studios own source file format "*.vfb" saves and opens error free. But problems accur everytime after generating ttf from it. I have even tried using TransType 3 to convert .vfb back to ttf but got same results as above. Btw, I am using windows vista home premium 32-bits.

Any assitance would be appretiated...


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anyone... help plz?

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It looks like a problem writing the post table of the generated font. I don't know whether there is something you can do in AFS to correct this, e.g. some kind of option setting. I used to have AFS, but have not used it for some years.

As a work-around, you could use a tool like TTX or OTMaster to build your own post table and add this to the generated font, replacing the incorrect AFS-written table.

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We recommend posting such problems to
where our engineers can take a look at the problem files directly.


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