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does anybody know if there are courses that give you a basic knowledge in graphic design and typography to help prepare a portfolio to present in a design school. I would need courses from august to december, anywhere in europe.

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I don't know of any classes specifically but I'm sure a simple google search could get you started or, better yet, get in touch with your prospective schools and ask what they would recommend.

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FWIW, in Germany that seems to be quite common; a bunch of design schools offer such courses themselves (which are mostly rumored to make it easier to get into that specific school). In German, the word is Mappenvorbereitungskurs (portfolio preparation course).

Another thing to look out for is that many design schools (again, specifically in Germany, dunno how it is in other countries) have something like "portfolio days", the idea being that prospective students can bring in their portfolios and have them critiqued by some professors of the school, who would then give specific advice if they'd consider accepting it or not, and if not, what you can do to make it better (i.e. increase your chances).
These sessions can be anything from very helpful and constructive to shattering, but of course that also tells you something about the school at hand, and teaches you to not flip out if they act all important. ;-)

Good luck.

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