Create Glyphs - while keeping your Mask and Background

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Creating a new font in FontLab.... I've set up Mask and Background layers (based on an old font) in all glyph cells of the new font. Although many of the cells of my new font do not currently contain outline glyphs (for example the "onehalf" fraction). I would like to use the Mask and Background layers as positioning guides while drawing new outline glyphs.

But each time I use the Glyphs > Create Glyphs command ( for example - to quickly get my digits and slash into my "onehalf" fraction cell) I loose my Mask and Background layers. They are now deleted from my "onehalf" fraction cell, but this is precisely where I need them as a positioning guide.

It would be quite tedious to add the Mask and Background layers back in each time. Better to generate them all at once in the beginning.

Is there anyway to prevent FontLab from deleting the Mask and Background when using the Create Glyphs command?


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I'm not sure about background layers, never use them, but you could use the font-to-mask tool. Just keep your reference font open and it copies either selected glyphs or the entire font onto the mask layer. Here's the icon for it.

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