Unfinished typefaces searching for designers

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Some years ago I started to design couple of typefaces but had, and still don't, time and skills to finish them. Is there anyone who would like to continue with them and make them real fonts? Examples here: my blog

I would like to here any kind of comments about them.
And if you have time, please check out and comment my illustrations too.

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The 'gummi' one definitely has potential. It would be good if you could find somebody to finish it.

Nick Cooke

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Gummi is really cute, Janne. I agree with Nick!

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You can finish it yourself and then sell/offer them as EPS sets.

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Thank you people. I still hope I'll find someone. Or maybe I should continue with gummi myself…

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How old are you? I'm sure there will come a moment when you have the time to work on Gummi. Otherwise you'll miss all the fun ;-)

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I think perhaps it would be easier to get help if you pay a font designer to finish the fonts, instead of offering royalties sharing as stated on your website.

But then I agree also that you miss all the fun if you let someone else do it for you :)

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We all had to start somewhere...

Nick Cooke

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