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Some of you may notice a new link on the right hand side on the site, under your user name. While we're patching the disconnected pipes in Typophile's search engine, we're providing the "Search Typophile", which actually works.


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Great! Very good news.

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Yes! Thank you!

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It's not pretty, but hey, functional is nice too.

Please note it only searches against Forums. We'll work to get this to search against wiki, blogs, etc.


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there's a missing Pangram thread ... which has been discussed in a few of the other pangram threads ...

it produced this pangram: Boxer M. Tyson packs his bags with Jay-Z DVDs, Quik, Holyfield’s ear.

which Paul added to the wiki.

but can't find it with the search.

is there a text file of those somewhere ... or any idea how we could find that thread.

not a big deal at all; just more of an itch unscratched. :)

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Do you mean this one?

(I found it at the bottom of the first page of search results using the temp search feature.)

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Finaly! No more endless searching for the right topic. Well done! :-)

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Not that one. :(

I did try the new search before I posted and didn't find it.

but i saw the one you linked.

In it, Stewf makes a mysterious reference to the grand thread:

I’ve updated the wiki with working links, but yeah, couldn’t find the grand thread which was once here.

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Will choosing specific forums be part of the "advanced search" someday?

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@beejay: I'm dusting off the cobwebs of our deep archives - I'll see what I can find.

@eliason: Yes, we expect that advanced search will allow more specificity. However this will likely be part of a bigger Typophile update, which we're simultaneously working to finalize.

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UPDATE: We've got the search field working again- so I've gone ahead and removed the redundant text link on right.

Search results are relevant but still pretty raw; we'll continue to look at what enhancements we can bring in the next big update.

You can always search Typophile at, or search remotely by passing a text string to "{your text here}"

Spread the word!


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I get more results from the page than from searching in the box at the top of this page. For example, "pangram" yields no results from the box up top.

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^ Never mind that post, it's turning things up now.

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Oh very nice. I was really confused about the link on the right and the box up top turning up different things :-)
Thanks guys, you rock!

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