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Hi All! This is the first time I am posting here, and I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask. But I am interested in knowing more about typography. I am wondering if anyone know a place to visit around San Francisco area to know more about typography?

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Get in touch with Bookbuilders West (click General Info/Board of Directors for contact names). They can give you some suggestions.

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Arion Press is a great place and they do know a great deal of typography. Both how to make and use it.

Fontshop in SF should also be able to supply you with some good information.


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There's a sailing vessel down around Fisherman's Wharf that used to have an iron hand press and full printing rig. Darn! I forget the ship's name and maybe the press isn't even there any longer. Check with some of the SF Typophiles about this.

The Book Club of California has a really rich library of California typography & printing. As does the Bancroft Library across the bay in Berkeley at the university.

SF public library also has great collections.

The University of San Francisco is threatening to de-accession much of their library. Get out there soon to the special collections room. Lots of rarely-seen Eric Gill stuff.

If I still had my letterpress shop there I'd invite you for a visit. But that's a long time ago.

Have fun. Dress warmly, particularly around the wharf. & alert the folks at home that you may never come back once you've got SF fever. That happens to a lot of people.


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Wow, thanks so much everyone!

I am thinking of contacting them. I am quite amazed though they put their cell numbers there.

Stefan H:
Arion Press seems like a good place to visit. Now, only if I can have some excuse to take a day off from work... Hmmmm!!

Fontshop website seems to have a lot of information too. Though, I can't find anywhere in their website whether they are open for a visit.

will powers:
SF is beautiful - I think I got the fever already. Thanks for letting me know those libraries. Book of California so far seems to be the most promising :D

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Will mentions SF Public library, but it's worth pointing out: Susie Taylor in the Special Collections department will show you special and rare items if you are clear about what you are looking for. It's on the top floor.

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There's a bunch of Eric Gill stuff in the Rare Book Room of the University of San Francisco if you're interested in his work.

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