World rally car font

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Hello, I

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I think some of Rian Hughes fonts like Freeman & Gravel have strong physical resemblances to this, but not a real match.

This font looks like it could be another weight of almost either of these.

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Thanks for replying guys

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Have you find finaly wrc's font? I am searching it too, but the two suggested a message above doesn't seem to match it.

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Phew, I've been looking around and at first I thought it
might be something from Psy/Ops, but then I checked the website and noticed quite a few characters made
me think of the work of Gareth Hague. In short: I haven't
got a clue (yet).

BTW Please don't apologize for your English: it's fine, and
BTW we have lots of non-native English speakers showing
up here. :-)

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