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hello everybody,
with somes friends we're beginning a game company - mostly for iphone.
The logo comes to me 10 years ago while i was playing with this type of quotation mark << blah >>
i also found a name for the company wich have at least one quality: the domain name was free.
So i reworked the logo, because it had flows, i hope i have done most of the work

I'm not sure about color, and not sure this is the best typo.

Any though ?

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a domain name being available is (IMO) one of the weakest reasons for selecting a name. Using QuotAngel as an example ... it conjurs images of "quotation angels" which (to me at least) makes no sense.
Surely you can find a better name, and th edomain doesn't have to be the company name, it can be a related phrase, or unrealted phrase/word ... just make it memorable.

As for the mark ... it's got potential I particularly like the reference to programming - the core difference between games. In the examples you've provided the mark overshadows the text and won't work at realistic text sizes (for quotes etc.)

Without wanting to burst your bubble too much, I think you've approached the thing a bit arse about - i.e, developing identity/branding treatments without thinking the core message through.


So with all that said ... enlighten us, what's the company about? what's on offer? what's it going to do? what difference will it make? who will it make a difference to? how will it communicate?

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer - Melbourne

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In the company we are five, one designer/developper (me), one 3D specialist and better developper than me, one dialogue writer and humorist, tow specialist/writer of role playing game since they play every rpg/strategy game that existe starting with the table game more than 25 years ago. We will make first games for iphone. One of our goal is to buy a licence of a french comics, humoristic, sort of futuristic Improssible Mission with losers, and make some 3-4 hours episode of some adventure/rpg fun games we sell like 5$ each episode. but before that we have two other games i can't tell about (because it's someting new and exciting )except that they could need a lot of bandwith for live fight and we have the right partner for that. So right now technically speaking everything is going well. We will also have an gameplay advantage but cant tell about because of the patent process. Another thing, our main target i to gently make casual gamers come to the world of hardcore gamers, our games will
be progressive enough not to affraid casual gamers, and gently evolve for someting more evolved/hardcore trough a learning curve sytem.

So i have to find another name, but i love this logo i want to keep it. So i think i will call the others to make a brainstorming, i we need/want to the word 'angel' is needed or whatever, maybe 'flyingcoders' would be better, i just don't know.

The quotation mark thing is only for use in Title, big size (the text will be bigger and the quotation smaller and i don't think
the ending quote will be the logo, i think i'll snap the head, it's too much)
right now this is the very beginning of the communication process and i think we will focus more on communicating about the games we will make than about the company's communication who will be more... i dont know (we have the knowledge and competence to do a 3D flash website it would be a shame not to do it for ourselve, but what's the story/message would be, again
today i don't know)

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I really like the mark. And the colour. It's clever how you can see the angel in the shape. I agree the name is a bit puzzling. I think the type may be fine for the logotype but I would choose something more readable for the rest of your communications/body text.

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Thanks Bendy, for the name i put there, it's over, bad idea, understand. We we'll do a brainstorming about that. I have another idea with a concept for the site, but i have to talk to our 3D specialist.

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can you explain why the angel needs to be a component? It's still lost on me.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer - Melbourne

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I don't get the name/concept either, but just wanted to say I'm in love with the selection of type for the logo. AUdimat, yeh? I've used that too, but this is probably the best usage of it I've seen. It seems to match the angel/quote mark perfectly.
Keep us updated!

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Dunno ... "this is how we will communicate messages" looks a bit .. err .. un-elegant and un-polished. I mean it in a sense that the same idea could be done better and more visually pleasing. Consider the "loading/busy" animation used in PS3 - that should be a design to beat IMO.

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@altaira: wow, i'm blushing, Thanks :)) of course as soon as a name is define, i'll post it here

@Ratbaggy: it's just a idea that pop in my minde, it looks like quote, let's try to use it to reinforce the brand, the more they see it the more they remember it. But it's maybe naive. i have made a new version with only quote and quote being a lot smaller, i think it's looks good, but the usage maybe improved.

@epslicon: i agree, i shouldn't publish a first draft like that, i've made change. The loading/busy animation of ps3 is a round blurred thing right ?

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in fact the basis of the logo (the angel) was made 10years ago, i've just arraged it recently.
it's not the first time i'm trying to do something with this logo, and just before i had to stop
working because of health problems, with a friend we found a über cool name MODERN MADNESS
but the concept going with was a kinda "Clockwork Orange" concept wich was maybe not the best choice.
so we choose to keep the name, but change the spirit behind. The new concept is base on the movie "Brazil"
(if you know the movie - you should, it's a masterpiece - and remember the dreams of a flying man)
and were working on a Flash site with realtime 3D of this flying man.

But this is the logo

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Madness ... and the mark you have ... just don't go together (IMO))

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer - Melbourne

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We choose this name based on the story of Icarus.
and we though that this story is still relevant viewing
the society we live on. That's why it is "Modern Madness"
it's not just Madness. this desire to escape the bound of
the society will always be actual/modern.

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Sorry, but Icarus will not come across to the average consumer.

Incidentally, the name and the dot for the head did make me think of Marble Madness.


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I'm going to add to the sentiment regarding the disconnect between the mark and the company name. I understand your explanation, but I think for a logo it's just too much of a stretch. For me, the meaning and intent of a logo should be pretty obvious, and this just isn't. And even if the intent is for the consumer to put some thought into divining its meaning, I feel that the payoff just isn't there.

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