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Well, I am surprised by the letter design in Bing's logo. If this is the final logo... it is very bad (from my nerdy-exclusively-typographic point of view) .

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Is that a font? I'd luv to know where that "g" came from.
But, yeh, it looks squooshed at the very least…

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Initial impression: Seems outdated already (might have been trendy a few years ago). Letter n looks bloated. I don't like it.

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Ugly indeed.

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Nina: I’d luv to know where that “g” came from.


Souvenir, just like yours.

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Jan, ouch! %-)
But are you saying this isn't a font? At least not one you recognize?

Anyway, please get on with the show :-)

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I don’t blame Microsoft for not spending money on the logo. Their search engines have been pretty awful in the past, so there’s no reason to assume that Bing won’t be just as irrelevant and short-lived as it’s predecessors.

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Nina, I don’t think it’s a font. The ellipses look like straight out of illustrator.

And if there’s anything I like about Souvenir it’s the ‘g’.

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Overheard in the MS boardroom:

Ballmer: DAMN IT! Why can't we beat google!?

Lackey: Well, we've done a lot of research and it appears that it could be due to their logo.

Ballmer: THEIR LOGO?

Lackey: Yes, you's just not a very good logo.


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This is not just bad. It is butt ugly.

I'd be ashamed if someone walked on me using a site with this kaka on it :)

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks the logo is trash. :)

D Molanphy

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throw up

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The way the straight lines join the curves in the b and n . . . I've seen that somewhere before . . . Now I remember! The tracks from my electric trains!

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They are tdo what's already been done, and done well.

It feels like they are saying, "Here's a new shaped wheel!"

Why do something that's along the lines of reinventing the wheel?If it's not broken...

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This is the worst logo from a top company that I have seen in years. Just awful = the BING logo.

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Google stole Bing's font!

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Check out the rip-roarin' thread about this @ Armin Vit's Brand New, replete with (supposedly) a comment from Bob from Razorfish, the actual designer(?)...

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I prefer this to that oing logo.

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Still ugly, but I've produced a mock version that cleaned up the curves somewhat. Original above, my version below. This is really for the benefit of non-Typophiles who have trouble expressing or perceiving why the logo is ugly. Quite apart from the shapes and proportions themselves, mathematical ellipses just look bad without optical correction. The pointier ends need to be rounded a bit. It's one of the reasons why squooshing without optical adjustment yields such ugly results.

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My 10-minute attempt at a better logo. Me = 1, Razorfish = 0.

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Why all the fuss?

Lots of crap gets posted here, the logo is not very good and amateurish, but so is a lot of other crap.

Nick Cooke

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If crap was banned, spiderwebs would populate this Forum, right?

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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why on earth did they decide to name it "bing" in the first place?
And they did. The logo is just terrible.
san ideos

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This occurred to me in a sleep. I think it's beautiful.

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I have to agree with Nick and Burt. The existence of all the design crap basically keeps good designers employed. In fact, after another promising job interview proved fruitless, a friend emailed me this (below) to remind me of the power of good design ... and the repellent power of bad design. Apparently it's the logo for a cafe inside a pharmacy that opened in January and went out of business three months later.

No way I'd trust a pharmacy that thought THIS was a good idea! (Let alone buy their coffee...) Frankly, it's hard to decide which is worse - the name or the execution?

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Are those supposed to be pills dropping into your coffee?! What the ef!

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@Ed yeah roofies.

On topic: Arial and Helvetica, part 2? Microsoft will never learn.

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