FontLab or not?

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Is FontLab studio the best program to start out? I have no experience with any font editing software like FontLab, only illustrator. But i have for quite some time wanted to get my hands dirty and dive into a program like FontLab (it's the only one i have ever heard of).

But i was wondering, is it the best program for a completely newbie like me? Is it just the one and only program? I have seen it, tried out a demo really quick, but it looks very old school and feels very counter intuitive. Doesn't feel like a modern nice piece of software.

Or are there som easier way to start? If not, what books do you recommend regarding FontLab and type design in general?


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White chalk, black paper, 4 bit scanner and Adobe Streamline, ya can't get better than that!

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You may also want to consider Type Tool. It doesn't have all the features of Fontlab, but it is significantly cheaper and you can upgrade if you find that making type is really the thing for you.

But yeah, pencil and paper are definitely a good place to start too!

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Typetool and Illustrator isn’t bad if you don’t want to invest $700 in Fontlab right away, especially if you aren’t interested in designing complicated fonts or working with scripting. Just make sure to read the manual before you start trying to move to and from Illustrator. And if you want to upgrade to Fontlab with a few months, the Fontlab people are very accommodating about refunding the Typetool purchase price. And don’t forget that Fontlab does offer a hefty student discount on Fontlab!

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Thanks for your comments guys.

I think i will just stay low key and continue to use paper and illustrator for now. The $700 for FontLab will presumably be a very bad investment for me. I will have no idea what to do with, all too advanced and complicated for me at this moment. And i have no intension on working with scripts. Just playing around and learn with designing letterform and basic stuff.

But TypeTool might not be a bad place to start at some point, but at them moment pencil, paper and illustrator will be sufficent.

Type Design book? Any suggestion?


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Chapter 8 of this book is a great start, in addition to the books in the TypoWiki.

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Glad to hear that James. I just found that book in a used book store the other day and was hoping it was a good one! I'm also tempted to look into that one jonathan. It looks good too.

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> I found this book VERY helpful:

From the YUP description: "As design clients increasingly call for original and custom typefaces, Designing Type is a superb reference for both students and professional graphic designers."

Nothing against Ms. Cheng and her book, but you gotta love that marketing angle: "As design clients increasingly call for original and custom typefaces, forget those professional type designers -- learn to do it yourself and pocket all the profit!"

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What profit, Kent? :/

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