Unzipped post mentioned on news site of Belgian national television

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A while ago I wrote a post on Unzipped analysing the design and typography of the Flemish poster campaign for the current European and regional elections, The typography of politics.

To my surprise I learned yesterday that this post has made its way -- via the Facebook profile of Geert Lambert, head of the SLP party -- to www.deredactie.be, the news site of the Belgian national television. Their translation is dodgy and they misunderstood some details, but it still nice to see a focus on typography in the mainstream press. :)

SLP have already won the elections…


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BTW I do not endorse the SLP, nor do I have anything to do with that politician picking up the story on his Facebook page. Just to clarify… ;)

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OK, now this is starting to freak me out. This story was also picked up by the newspaper Het Nieuwsblad, and regional television station RTV requested the text (dunno what they will do with it). What’s next?

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It just goes to show that politicians will use any means to make their opponents look bad--even in Belgium!


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My dad's dictum, Politicians are like diapers... full of crap and need to be changed regularly : )


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