OSX + IMac + Font program?

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FWIW, you can try using pfaedit for free on Mac OS X. (It makes Unicode/OTF files among others. Load a Type 1 font and Save As an OTF. A simple conversion.)

Goto Source Forge to download and install XonX. http://sourceforge.net/projects/xonx/
Download pfaedit and unpack. http://pfaedit.sourceforge.net/index.html
Drag the pfaedit directory to the Applications directory.
Start XDarwin (XonX).
In an X terminal window (not an OS X terminal window) type pfaedit and you're in business.

pfaedit seems very solid, but the Aqua-XonX combo is rather tetchy.

OroborOSX makes a nice window manager to go with X Darwin: http://oroborosx.sourceforge.net/

pfaedit is basically a Unix/Linux X11 app, but there is also a cygwin version that can be used under Windows. Installation instructions for both Mac OS X and Windows are available on the pfaedit home page:

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Sorry, but what means FPU? I'll be happy to run this @#&!? Fontographer in OSX Classic...

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Floating-Point Unit, or a chip (or part of a chip) that does (relatively) complex math in hardware, for speed (usually between a factor of 4 and 10, but can go up to like 30 for transcendental stuff). Before Motorola's PowerPC and Intel's Pentium, FPUs were separate (like the 68882 - man, I miss that chip), so software didn't assume you had an FPU, or had a special version for FPUs. The problem is that FPU instructions are specific to the FPU, so for example something written for the 68882 won't work on the PPC, which is why you use the non-FPU version, which won't be as fast as native PPC math, but like one of my CompSci teachers once said about a contract competition he had won: "Hey, my code would be faster too if it didn't need to work."


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>Richard, before you buy, note the low resolution of the lamp's display.

Just so more recent visitors to this particular thread dont get misled, there are two versions of the iMac2. The 15inch and 17inch widescreen version. The latter has a completely respectable resolution of 1440x900.

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Yes, that new screen is definitely nicer.
Although the non-standard resolution (and even more the aspect ratio, probably intended to facilitate watching movies...) makes me worry.


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Why does it make you worry? Just think of it as
added width for more stuff on-screen.

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It makes me worry because a lot of stuff is designed around the 4:3 aspect ratio in general, and certain screen resolutions in particular. Like when I make a Director movie that takes over the screen, I don't want an unpredictable/ungainly border around it.

Apple had its own resolutions for a while, but then they sensibly started conforming to the Windows sizes (except for that funky 1152 thing), but now they do this... The thing is, it's not just Apple: I was recently pricing different configurations of a Compaq laptop, and the options went 1024, 1440, 1600 - no 1280, which is such a nice resolution for a 15" LCD. I think LCD manufacturers are targeting DVD playback, and the computer manufacturers have to go along to maintain good pricing.


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