MOON movie poster. Sans serif font for title MOON.Anybody know?

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At first I thought its a Futura or a condensed Avant Garde, but it doesn't look like it is. Anyone can help?


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Looks to me like Akzidenz-Grotesk Extended Medium, but with only those characters to go by, it could be something else too.

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Do you have a picture in higher resolution?

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Hum. If we assume the copy is the same font as the main title, it wouldn't be Akzidenz-Grotesk or Gill Sans Bold because of the 'G' in 'THING,' but if we just look at the title, both seem pretty close.

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yeah it's not gill, just close

which Akzidenz are you looking at? the M seems wrong to me

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Sorry, but it isn’t even close to Akzidenz Grotesk.
Looks more like a narrow ITC Blair or a wide Interstate.

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Well, the Akzidenz Grotesk I linked has a similar feel for the title at least, but you're right, it isn't what we're looking for (I'm kinda new to this, but am trying!).

Engravers Gothic has a lot of the right characters, but the C & G are a little different, though it is a bit hard to make out at the resolution.

Actually, on closer review, I think Engravers Gothic is the one. In "ROCKWELL," you can see the ends of the C don't come to the horizontal and the G is too small to see if it comes to a point or not.

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Thanks for the help so far. Gill Sans is the closest so far but will look at the other suggestions now!

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I agree with Jan's suggestion about ITC Blair. The M 'crotch' is in the right place. Few sans M's are like this. Also has right R and G. Matching all three narrows the choice a lot.

- Mike Yanega

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Yes Engravers Gothic Bold looks like it, with "moon" using the "lowercase" (small caps) glyphs.

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bigger and with a more accurate 'miles from home'

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I’m pretty sure it’s ITC Blair squooshed horizontally 80%. Even the bad A-C kernig is the same.
Funny thing is the ‘2’. That must be a mistake. Looks like Helvetica Extended.

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They didn't get the astronomy experts and the font experts together, apparently!

(I see now that Engravers Gothic N vertices are wrong.)

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Ahh, yeah I see what you mean Jan. THe M in Engravers is definitely off.

I saw something this morning that looked like this on another movie poster, but I can't seem to find it now. Seems like it should be a definite font, but who knows.

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Yeah the 2 is weird but can be explained by Edward's illustration which says 950,000 miles, not 250,000...I guess whoever amended the mistake didn't have the font (ITC Blair looks pretty good - the bold version but using the lower case/small caps).

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ITC Blair Bold small caps seems to be fairly close with the 80% horizontal scaling.

I quite like this poster, I think it would look far more 'solid' if the image of Sam rockwell was taken out.

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Big thanks to everyone :)

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