Graublau Sans Web with Lucida sanserif

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Hi folks,

Web licensing issues aside, what do you think of this type combination I suggested on Friday (Graublau Sans Web with Lucida sanserif), and my typeset example?

Blog post:


If we want web typography to be respected as a part of our art and craft, web typesetting deserves our fullest criticism – judging the work on aesthetic merits while accounting for available technologies.


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If you're not sure where to start, consider (from the text in the example page itself) any of my claims about the two faces. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Why? Also, please criticize the typesetting of the example itself.

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Umm.. That looks like Times New Roman.

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Oh, duh. Wrong browser! Let me pull out Safari. One sec…

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I like the bold weight a lot, for subheads like "A little gummy in boldface"

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Thanks, Dan. I posted this same topic in General Discussions:

... let the conversation grow from there. :)

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