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I know it won't blow anyone's socks off or anything but it is what the client wants and feedback would be interesting. Comments on the lettering itself would be great. Matrix was not my idea. The spacing is not worked out yet and I will be working on color today.


Thanks for the comments.

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>I think that you've done a lovely job with the letters - maybe the E >could be moved in a bit so that it is more visually ending at the >same line as the s? It is a strange contrast though - such elegant >type and a word like FORGE? Not sure what to make of that.

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Nice typeface selection for the word ellipsis. I would suggest trying a sans face for the word forge. I agree with am, it currently looks a little to elegant. Using a sans serif face for "forge" may create some contrast between the 2 words. Also, tightening up the space between the "e" and the "l" will definately help. NIce logo overall though.

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Nice work. Juxtaposing different type in logos is always tricky.

I would personally try setting "FORGE" in a widely spaced, extra-condensed, uppercase sans, and start it after the tail of the p.


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Unfortunately the client thinks that serif means *historical* and Matrix is their favorite font.

The business does high-end custom metal work. Beds, railing, doors. Fancy stuff I could never afford. Pretty classic stuff.


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What if ... you lopped off the serifs on matrix?? This wouldn't be too naughty now would it??

You could show them the sans that Caslon did. Or you could find some nice old Etruscan (?) coins.

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There is at least some weight problems between heavy e s and others letters. The e don't fit very well with the rest. The weight structure of it is quite different from p, perhaps use same way to built them. (oblique axis of e compared to vertical axis of p). Dots of the i are little too close.

And Forge will be indeed better in a Sans, perhaps better little more far from the bottom of the baseline of the ellipsis word.

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The stress is different. Perhaps change the 'p' to the same stress as the others, narrow up the 'e'. Another thought... perhaps you forego the separation of the letters in "forge" also. Simplify the design by placing the word forge (together, but still spaced a bit) to the right of the descender on the 'p'. --- And, what if the dot over the 'i' was more of a lozenge shape?? Too much??

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Thanks so much for the comments.

I've taken some of the suggestions and made use of them. We'll have to wait and see how the client takes them - such as a a non serif for *forge*. It looks better to me, maybe not to him.

Any suggestions for sans?

I know I am beyond the very small budget at this point but I am still working to make it better within the constraints I am facing. It is ironic (no pun intended) that such a high-end market wouldn

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ask the client if you can give him advice on
his metalwork. ha. he's pretty much outvoted
on matrix. i think ellipsis does well at
giving off a hand-crafted vibe. historical even.
since the one word is historical, maybe you
could convince him to go little more modern
on the other word.

i'm in the minority here, but separating the
fo from orge looks kind of cool to me. i can
see it both ways, but as it is gives it a sort
of violent, manly feel. you know, working with
metal, sweating, beating out a heavy piece of art.
maybe it's just me.

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