The Fontry's - Greek Set 1 and 2

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Let me say that these Greek Sets are not Greek language supported fonts. My apologies. They are Greek symbol fonts (with a complete set of numbers and Roman upper case) for college organizations, fraternities, and sororities for logos, posters, t-shirts, etc.

I've used them for t-shirts mostly...

Greek 1 available from MyFonts...

Greek 2 also available from MyFonts...

Also, you might like to know that more complete versions of each of these fonts are available from the Fontry or Fontry West on MyFonts or from the Fontry website.

Thanks for taking a peek and have a great day....


...from the Fontry

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The Greek 2 set will definitely be a boon to sign shops in college towns.

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Definitely a smart niche to fill!

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