HELP! my new font crashes the character map (and everything else)

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I recently found an arabic font online for free (scheherezade), but some glyphs were not mapped (and so they didn't appear in the character map in Windows and I wasn't able to use them).

To fix this, I opened up FontLab and spent countless hours mapping each glyph to the appropriate unicode.

I recreated the font, but now when I install it and try to open the character map, it crashes.

So does every other program when I try to use my new font.

How can I even BEGIN to figure out what is wrong?


PS - I no longer have fontlab, but I can provide anyone willing to help with the font files (.ttf, .vfb, .bak)

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Did fontlab throw any error message upon generating?
Put the generated font online so other typophiles can look inside. (but please be aware of copyright issues, although it's a free font)

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No, fontlab didn't generate any errors

The original arabic font can be found free with an Open Font License at:

Also, I created my new font as both TT and OT, available here with the .Bak and .VFB files:

Final bit of info:
When I open up the character map, it can load the first few glyphs, but when I try to scroll down, it crashes!


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Yes, I know, this thread is a bit old...
I opened your font in FontForge and got that message:

BTW no warnings!??
Edit: and my (win XP) charmap also fell over.

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