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I have enjoyed typography for a few years now, and have been following the typophile forums for a while, and I finally got the nerve to create my own font that wasn't made with Fontstruct.

Milka is a display font meant to be used large and for short phrases, not entire sentences. For now it's lower case and minimal punctuation only, I haven't started on the numbers.

I would like some critique and suggestions, there are some characters I'm not too thrilled with (particularly r, v, x, z, and ?) and it would be good to have some input. I attached a specimen pdf.

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I think your first concern should be the s. It's not easily distinguishable from an r or n like that. Try sloping it forward.

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'r' --- look more like a small-cap 'R'.

'v' --- I think you should make it like a regular 'v', like down pointing arrow (excuse my english).

'x' --- I think top left side would be better if rounded.

'z' --- try a regular 'z'.

'?' --- imagine how it looks when put beside an uppercase letter, it needs to be wider.

'c' --- I think top right side would be better if rounded.

's' --- I'm agree with Cerulian.

PS: It's your typeface, and this is just my humble opinion. :D

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Thank you for the suggestions. Some of the peculiarities are from the rules I gave myself at the start. All the shapes are made from circles or parts of circles, and vertical and horizontal lines. As a result, there are no diagonals anywhere... which means sloping the s would break the rules... but if keeping with the rules means I have an s that looks like an r, then I have no choice but to break them!

How's this? I think it looks more s-like. I thought sloping it would ruin the linking between letters, but it works out. I updated the specimen to the new s.

mk2: I made the current r the way it is because I had designed one and thought it looked too much like an n:

Maybe the old one (in red) is okay, and I've just been looking at all this too long?

I agree with what you say about the c and the v. I think I'm going to do something like what I did with the s.

I previously attempted to make a regular z, but I couldn't figure out how to squeeze in two horizontals and a diagonal into the space of the x-height, so I made a cursive z. The x was the last letter I made, it was really tricky, for the same reason, but I think I can use it to make a regular z. I'll have to work on that.

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There you go. The s updated in the pdf looks different than the s in the little red image; I much prefer the one in the image. I don't really see significant problems with the other characters mentioned, but if you're looking for r alternatives, one possibility would be to eliminate the left vertical stroke altogether. And your current z would be improved by retracting the middle left so it's not as long as the top.

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cerulean: Thank you so much for your suggestion for the z. I wasn't too thrilled with it before, but shrinking the center part was exactly what it needed, and now I love it:

I changed the specimen again. Now I'm off to start on the numbers.

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I took a break from working on this, but I created numbers, a dollar sign, and took a stab at an eszett:

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