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I developed the logo for a publisher. I had some trouble solving the feet of the angel.

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This thread has been a good read. The logo looks much better now, than it did at the beginning. I'll echo everyone else's remaining criticisms and add that, to me the lion's body seems a bit long. I also would prefer a more iconic style. The one posted earlier on by DavM is fantastic. AyA is one our clients, and I've always liked the way their logo feels like a statue without being overly detailed. I wish a had a better picture of it; I think the drop shadow used on the website is distracting.

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Hello and thank you all.

I think I'm really close to the final Angel & Lion, with all the help of you guys.
I've learned a lot.

I make some changes to the flames, the hair, the neck, the wings (off course), the tail and the lion's hips.

I don't want a geometric result, then I've draw the wings more organic

when I finish the drawing, i'll start with the word...

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First. These wings are better but I think they do have too many tips. Change the size of the logo and you'll see that some of these will become problematic. So less detail.

Second. End of angel belly and start of the front leg is just about visible above the lion's back. Remove it.

Third. Did you try tilting the torch a bit to the right and flame a bit to the left giving a feeling of movement.

I think much could still be done with lion's head... Otherwise this is a logo that can actually get somewhere. Very well evolved.

Robert Koritnik

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What about getting rid of the left arm? I think that might simplify things.

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The left one is the new.

Litera: I rid off the wing, now looks better on small sizes. And i've make the small details that you've advised

ZEV: Without the left arm it's more clear, but this modifies a little bit the posture of the angel.

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if you have to keep the arm there - I don't think it's needed - then you should consider revising the 'stacking order' you've currently got it in/at. He's holding the lion with his furthest arm but standing on the far side?

I also don't know that the curved line styles are assisting at this point ... the basic structure and proportions aren't there yet.
(just my opinion)

why not show some of the sketches you did before vectoring the illustration?

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer - Melbourne

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Looking much better with just one arm.

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Without the arm is really better. I am quite convinced with this version.

Paul the sketches are really worse that this version.

Maybe the size of the angel can be corrected, and the tail.

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Jko, let me first say this shows some nice progress...

Further my comment is that your drawn version is much better than your verctorization. Only some detials such as the angels head and lions should be explored more by drawing. But the drawing is still more powerful. For example the way the angels backleg stands (on his toes) is very different than the vector.

Last thing, but this is more a question: Do you really need the strange ground the statue is standing on? Or if you do, maybe explore different shapes?

Good luck!

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I think the proportions and postures of the sketch are better than the vector.

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Oh yes. Lion's head much better on the sketch.
I was also asking myself of lions tail facing downwards/inwards as a sign of fear. Animals usually put it upwards when powerful/dominant. So your sketch has a different version here.

And I'd still ike to see the torch tilt and flame change to see the movement.

Robert Koritnik

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@Ed_Aranda: +1

There is a lot of progress since the first post. Illustration logo are very hard thing - if you're not an illustrator or specialist.
The other way is stylise more or less like DavM suggest it (very nice work from Hello Monday)
The last vector version the lion body seem too long.

I don't know about lions, but dogs put tail downwards as sign of submission. i think the tail is bettet up.
keep working your comming closer to someting very nice.

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Yeah, the length of the lion's torso really stands out. The mouth also looks somewhat like a beak. I guess I'm just reiterating what everyone has said, but that's what I thought before reading them too. Having a tail up looks more aggressive and therefore appropriate, and the neater mane in the sketch is also nicer.

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